Warranty Policy

Carter Enterprises LLC along with Vishay Transducers warranties product failure for up to 24 months after date of purchase. The warranty will be effective only during the applicable warranty period and only if and so long as the product is used for its intended purpose, we will not repair or replace any SI/Vulcan on board products or component that in our sole opinion, has failed because of improper installation, overloading, improper usage, abuse, alteration, or damaged as a result of negligence, carelessness, acts of God, or operation outside its published limits. Except as limited herein: Cater Enterprises LLC along with Vishay Transducers disclaims any responsibility for any injury resulting from the failure of parts, or from incorrect installation. Carter Enterprises LLC and Vishay Transducers shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages; loss of anticipated profits, increased expense at operator or any other loss whether direct or consequential.

Warranty Card